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    hermelin gmbh was founded in 2016 by three female professionals providing more than 50 years of solid expertise in the medical-pharmaceutical area.

  • our attitude

    customer satisfaction is our prime goal. our skilled team will meet your every need. we are goal-oriented, committed to finding solutions and delivering results.

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    professional services

    we cover all areas of drug development: clinical research, regulatory affairs, medical affairs, pharmacovigilance, quality assurance and scientific-technical management. we provide professional training and education, translations and medical writing (de-en).




    we provide consulting in project management, process planning and human resources. we support you in setting up efficient processes, managing interfaces with partners, implementing quality systems, complying with regulations or establishing standard operating procedures.

    networking and career path

    tailored to individual needs, we provide advice and coaching for career development, starting a new role or preparing for interviews. we help you build your network.







  • team

    flexible - reliable - pragmatic




    dr. mirjam eglin

    organisational development, human resources, medical-scientific training





    dr. daniela gunz

    clinical research, coaching and mentoring, organisational development​





    dr. maja steigmeier

    pharmacovigilance, quality assurance, qualified person, medical a




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    hermelin gmbh

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